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Trekstar Terms:

The Federal Planetary Agency
Consists of peaceful unified planets within the Milky Way Galaxy. Having deployed starships for the United Star Fleet for the exploration of space and defense of Federal Planets.

Central Planets:
Vulcan 3 - A nearby planet that effects our own solar system.
Earth 3 and all the planets of our own Solar System
Orion 4

Ships (Frigates):
USF Millenia CV-2230
USF Enterprise CV-65
USF Constitution CV-2794
USF Constellation CV-1797
USF Chesapeake CV-1799
USF Congress CV-1801
USF President CV-1800

EmDrive - Slower than Light Speed
Phase Drive - Faster than Light Speed
Trekstar Original Costumes and props
Trekstar.org is sciecne-fiction film group. Any similarity to any other media or film agency is purely coincidental.
Trekstar Raven is a wrap for filming! Now in post-production!
Trekstar Fan Film Productions Guidelines

Guidelines for Avoiding a Lawsuit:

    The film must be any length required to tell a story.

    The title of the film or any parts of it can include the name “Trekstar.” However, the title may also contain a  subtitle with the phrase: “A TREKSTAR FAN PRODUCTION” in any typeface. The fan production cannot use the term “official”  unless approved by David Whitney, one of our admins or writers or editors from Trekstar.org and Starfleet Studios.

    The content in the film must be original, not reproductions, recreations or clips from any Star Trek, Star Wars,  Galaxy Quest or Spaceballs production. If any third party content is used, all necessary permissions for any third party  content should be obtained.

    The costumes must not look awful. The props should be more than just carboard in a garage. Put some effort into it.

    The film must be a super “fan” production, meaning that creators, actors and all other participants must be amateurs  or professionals, can be compensated for their services, and can be currently or previously employed on any CBS series  unless their contract with them does not allow it.

    The film must be non-commercial:

        Trekstar.org, and Starfleet Studios do not object to limited fundraising for the creation of a fan production, so  long as the total amount does not exceed $50,000,000, and when the $50,000,000 goal is reached, all fundraising must  stop.

        The film must only be posted online or distributed on a no-charge basis and/or shared via streaming services  without generating revenue. Unless they want to.

        The film can be distributed in a physical format such as DVD, Blu-ray or Beta.

        No unlicensed Trekstar related merchandise or services can be offered for sale or given away as premiums, perks  or rewards or in connection with the fan production fundraising, without approval.

        The fan production cannot derive revenue by selling or licensing fan-created production sets, props or costumes,  unless it looks really cool.

    The film must be family friendly and suitable for public presentation. Films must not include profanity, nudity,  obscenity, pornography, improper depictions of drugs, alcohol, tobacco, Jeri Ryan, or any harmful or illegal activity, or  any material that is offensive to Trekstar.org, sexually explicit, threatening, awful, or any other lousy content. The  content of the film cannot violate any individual’s right of privacy.

    The film must display the following disclaimer in the credits of the film and on any marketing material including the  film website or webpage hosting the film production:
    “Trekstar and all related marks, logos and characters are solely owned by Trekstar.org, and Starfleetstudios. This  film is not endorsed by, sponsored by, nor affiliated with any other film production group. "

No commercial exhibition or distribution is permitted. No lawsuits will be taken against Trekstar or David Whitney or Starfleet Studios.

    Films cannot create or imply any association or endorsement by CBS or Paramount Pictures. Or NBC. Or Wagon Train.

Trekstar.org and Starfleet Studios reserve the right to change these guidelines at any time at their own discretion.  These guidelines are not a license and do not constitute approval or authorization of any Trekstar fan productions or a  waiver of any rights.